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Top Adventure Gear for the Great Outdoors

May 20, 2019


We can all agree that there’s nothing better than spending time with your pup exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s finding new trails to hike, staying on a campsite looking up at the stars or just enjoying regular romps around your neighborhood, those memories are priceless.

No matter your choice of adventure the elements your dog might be exposed to can be rough on not only them but what they wear as well. It's important to have high quality and durable products to rely on.

The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar was made for outdoor adventure so it came as no surprise when we started noticing our pack wearing some awesome gear, which helped inspire this article. Here are 4 companies that made the list of our top picks:


This brand’s name speaks for itself. Ruffwear provides a collection of durable products designed to perform and withstand the rugged outdoors. One item we love is the Clear Lake Blanket which is water resistant, abrasion resistant and really versatile when you’re outside in the elements. Ruffwear harnesses and packs (seen below) are quite popular with our crew!


The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler also caught our eye but it's not what you think. While it does provide relief from the heat, it's not for your water bottles. It's actually a vest for your dog! All you have to do is soak the vest in water, wring it out and place it on your dog. The water evaporates and cools your pup while pulling the heat from their body. 

K9 Sport Sack

The motto ‘No Dogs Left Behind’ is the inspiration behind K9 Sport Sack and their products bring it to life! If you’re a little skeptical of your dog being in a backpack, don’t worry, these are Veterinarian approved. They provide a safe way to bring your pup along for the ride no matter where you decide to go. All K9 Sport Sacks are forward-facing so your pup sees what you see, feels secure and is ready for the ride.

k9 sport sack


If you’ve done a fair amount of hiking and climbing with your dog then you’ve probably come across the problem of leashes and collars just not holding up. When you know your dog’s gear is going to take a regular beating then Wilderdog is for you. In fact, they’re so reliable that everything on their website comes with a lifetime warranty!


Wilderdog also knows that just like your dog’s gear, their paws can take a beating so they offer an all-natural salve called Pawjam. Non-toxic and made with vitamin E and calendula oil, the balm provides relief for dry, cracked paws from harsh outdoor elements.

Rex Specs

When company founders Jesse and Aiden were given the news that their beloved companions were both suffering from harmful eye conditions made worse by sun exposure, they began searching for ways to protect them. Avid outdoor adventurers, they couldn’t imagine not having the dogs by their side so when the search came up short, Rex Specs Dog Goggles were born.

rex specs

The goggles protect against UV rays, dust, debris, bugs, name it! They openly admit it may take a little time and training to get your pup used to wearing them but provide detailed instructions on their website to help. If your dog is regularly outside and exposed to sunlight, hazards or has light-colored, sensitive eyes, these are an investment worth considering.

Adventure Awaits

No matter where the trail leads you and your pup make sure you have the right supplies and gear to keep them safe. And remember, we love featuring our pack so share pictures from your adventures with us on Instagram by using #linkakcadventures and #linkakc