The Wanderer.

Fun Holiday Ideas for Big-Time Dog Lovers

December 1, 2016

Dog-lovers know that this time of year just wouldn’t be the same the without a snuggly puppy to share it with. Before the season is over, take a moment to plan some special fun for your four-legged friend. Your human pals might think you’re crazy, but your best friend will love you for it.


Be a Party Animal

Make your next holiday soirees a fur family affair. Encourage your canine-obsessed friends to bring their dogs along to a very special party at your house. Go all out with holiday-themed dog bones and canine cocktails (water with a splash of chicken broth). You can even host a gift exchange with $5 chew toys and treats.


Host a Holiday Helpers party

Not enough room for a dog party at your pad? Host a meet-up at your local park using or another social site. You can bring refreshments and collect donations for your local shelter. You may even get the shelter to help you spread the word.


Take Cheesy Holiday Photos

If you haven’t done this yet, this is your year! Get creative at home with a friend and stage an adorable photo shoot in order to create the best holiday card ever. Santa hats are a classic, but a quick google search will yield some unbelievable dog costume options such as elves, angels, reindeer, gingerbread men, and even Ebenezer Scrooge for the reluctant models.


Make a Gingerbread Dog House

Use dog cookies and organic peanut butter to create a beautiful masterpiece that your dog will totally destroy in a matter of seconds. Get your camera ready because of course, that’s the best part.


Explore the Decor

Did you know that dogs are capable of appreciating pretty things just like us? Take your dog to a local park display or explore a street that has impressive holiday lights. If you have a special senior friend or relative in your life, invite them along too! Your dog is the perfect reason to fully immerse yourself in the magic and joy of the season.