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Happy Trails: Essential Safety Gear for Biking and Jogging With Your Dog

March 10, 2019


Whether you're a weekend warrior attacking new trails or training for a charity 5k, your four-legged partner can be a source of inspiration. Here's a checklist of the right gear for safe biking and jogging with your dog.

It's Gotta Be The Shoes: If it's too hot for you to run barefoot, your dog's probably thinking the same thing. It will take a minute for her to get used to dog boots, but sidewalks can reach paw damaging temperatures by noon on a hot summer day.

jogging and biking with your dog


The Ultimate Smart Collar: The LINK AKC Smart Collar is a necessity for go-getters on the move. The collar has a wellness feature with an algorithm that tells you what constitutes heavy activity for your pup, taking the guesswork out of when to stop at your local dog-friendly spot for a break. 

The Right Leash: A hands-free leash allows you to manipulate water bottles and a cell phone while biking or jogging with dog in tow. Cyclists also have the option of using a cycle leash to keep their dog safely out of traffic.

Bowled Over: There can be water water everywhere and not a drop to drink for your dog if you don't have a portable puppy bowl. They're lightweight and can clip to your belt loop making it easy to offer your dog a quick drink when you pass a fountain.

First Aid Kit: The LINK AKC Smart Collar tracks your best buddy's vet records, but having a first aid kit, with items such as gauze, antibiotic ointment and hydrogen peroxide, keeps you prepared.

Time for Reflection: If time has ever gotten away from you on a long ride or run, you know the importance of reflective gear in those waning daylight hours. The same goes for your dog, and a reflective dog vest can be a real life saver during night outings. 


Love to hit the trails? Share your favorite safety gear with us.


Checklist for Biking/Jogging Safety:

1. Dog boots for icy or hot sidewalks

2. LINK AKC Smart Collar's wellness feature

3. Hands-free leash

4. Portable dog water bowl and clip

5. Dog-friendly first aid kit with the essentials

6. Reflective dog vest for early or late outings