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How To Kick Doggie Cabin Fever this Winter

December 15, 2018

Let’s face it - there are few things more enjoyable on a cold winter’s day than to curl up inside and stay warm. Don’t give in to the couch temptation though, at least until after you’ve spent some quality exercise time with your best friend. Finding ways to stay active in winter is tough, for you and your pup. Here are some fun ways to survive the winter cold and keep you both in shape.

Play indoor fetch, only if you have enough indoor space, long hallways are ideal.

Stimulate some doggy brain cells with a game of indoor hide the treat.

Teach your dog a new trick this winter. Your dog will love to learn and it’s a great way to spend time together. A great trick is to teach your dog how to give the high five.

Take a trip with your dog to a fun winter locale, like Vermont!

Take a class together - anything from obedience training and agility to doggy yoga. Your local pet store is a great place to find out what’s on in your area.

Set up some Puppy Play Dates, either at your house or in the local dog park.

If you live in an area that gets snow and are feeling particularly adventurous you could try out Skijoring. You will need snow, skis and a dog that loves snow, is fit, healthy and suitable to pull you through the snow.

Pro tips for keeping you and your dog safe in the winter cold:

  • Make sure you both wear reflective clothing, arm-bands or LED collar lights if you are outside during winter. LINK AKC has a LED light which is perfect for this!
  • Watch your dog for signs that it is getting too cold - have they slowed down, are they lifting their paws up and down or whining?
  • Don’t be afraid to rock a dog sweater or water-resistant jacket to keep your pup warm, especially if they are short-haired, on the small side or a little older.
  • Keep your pup’s paws dry with some dog booties. These will also help keep salt and ice away from paws.
  • Make sure you dry off your dog with a warm cloth when you get home to remove any salt or ice from his coat. Pay special attention to his legs and belly (and paws if he doesn’t like wearing booties).

Do you have any fun winter workouts you enjoy with your dog? Share them with your fellow furry friends and their humans.